Much Love From Ivory Coast

April 8, 2017
Jason and I were invited to attend a private reception at the Ambassador’s estate to welcome African American’s who discovered they had shared Côte D’Ivoire ancestry!

His Excellency, Diabaté Daouda, shared a beautiful presentation, amazing Ivorian food and made us feel so welcomed!

The evening opened with light refreshments and the guests communicating amongst themselves. Even though I “looked” the part, I felt so out of place. Instead of being the fun and outgoing person I am, I was worried if the Africans could smell the American on me. All the butterflies were washed away when the host gave his opening speech and welcomed all of the African Americans in attendance and reiterated that this event was for us. After many speeches from the Ivory Coast staff and a round of applauses for the blacks who shared Ivory Coast ancestry, the love expressed in that room was overwhelming. Then it dawned on me, as much as I am seeking the African community, many Africans are reaching back to embrace me. As an American, I only looked at Slavery as something that negatively affected Black Americans, never taking into account that families were destroyed and colonization tormented entire communities. Being at this event gave me validation,  I am on the right track. Here’s hoping my brothers and sisters will join me.

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