DNA Testing My 95 Year Old Grandmother

April 8, 2017

July 9, 2016 My Creative Director and I drove 2.5 hours to Eastern Shore, Maryland to visit my 95 year old grandmother (on my mother’s side). She is the only living grandparent I have and have ever known. I love her to pieces

Unfortunately, this is the second time we’ve had to DNA my grandmother. As you can imagine, it is very difficult for a 95 year old woman to provide enough spit to fill half of a tube. I really hope can do something with sample that she did give. If not, I am looking for other DNA testing companies that use hair samples or cheek swabs.

Here is my call-to-action, do not wait to start your family tree. And if you have the finances PLEASE PLEASE test the members in your family, especially if you do not know your family’s origin story. Why? Your future grandchildren will thank you.

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