Akata Documentary Presents: The #AkataCookout

April 8, 2017

July 30, 2016 My team and I hosted a FREE luxury summer cookout, to celebrate a year of production and to introduce our project to the community. We spared no expense when it came to venue selection, food and raffle prizes.

At the halfway point in the evening, we presented a sneak peek video presentation to showcase what we have been doing this year. Afterwards we opened up the floor to questions. At first our guests showered us with praises and safe questions like: “How does your family feel about your journey?” All of a sudden, our conversation led to deeper issues within the African and Black communities. Topics such as mental health, systematic racism and personal testimonies came up. Several of our guests poured their hearts out during the Q&A portion, that people described our event as a public therapy session.

We also sold $5 raffle tickets at the event. The prizes included an Ancestry DNA kit, a handmade purse from Kenya and 2 curated African baskets filled with awesome items from Black and African owned businesses. We are raising money for our team to take a trip to Marion, South Carolina to visit The Gregg Plantation. Without giving away too many company secrets…. My last name is Gregg and we want to visit The Gregg Plantation, you guys put 2 + 2 together.

If you would like to make a donation to our project, click here

All in all, our team was humbled by the turn out, love and feedback we’ve received. If the money permits we will contemplate hosting another cookout or similar event again.

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